Group Classes

In group classes at Matador Dance Studio LLC, students will gain valuable knowledge and practice in a variety of different dance styles. In addition to simply learning the styling and counts, students will also learn the individual characteristics and history behind each dance. During our group dance classes, students will also learn discipline and how to work as a team. We typically hold annual tests that are open to parents and guardians to see firsthand what their children have learned in their dance lessons.

The group classes we offer are typically divided into three age groups, divided by age:

  • Group I - Ages 5-12
  • Group II - Ages 13-18
  • Group III - Ages 19+

Additionally, Matador Dance Studio LLC offers an advanced class for our most devoted students. This class is by invitation early, as determined by the dance studio staff. If you are interested in signing up for one of our group classes, give us a call today!


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